1. You guys!

    First of all, if you don’t know what the Thrilling Adventure Hour is, please visit here: http://thrillingadventurehour.com/ , explore, and listen to the hilarious 91 podcasts. 

    I’ll wait.

    Alright, they’re amazing, right? “A New Time Podcast In The Style Of Old Time Radio”! A live performance in LA, recorded to create the podcast itself. The characters are great, the stories are written so well and the actors are brilliant. The guest stars are a great reason to start listening, but the main cast (the WorkJuice Players) is absolutely the reason to stay. Paget Brewster, Paul F Tompkins, John DiMaggio, Hal Lublin, Busy Phillipps, Craig CackowskiAnnie Savage, Mark Evan Jackson, Autumn Reeser, John Ennis, James Urbaniak, Mark Gagliardi - amazing. Not to mention the creators, director, and awesome music written for the show.

    I’ve been listening to them for quite a while now and it is pretty much the only podcast I go out of my way to make sure I keep current on. I have never listened to an episode I have not enjoyed. And now they have started an awesome sounding Kickstarter campaign to create a graphic novel starring all of their characters (like NY socialites Frank and Sadie Doyle, who also see ghosts, or Sparks Nevada, Marshall on Mars, or Captain Laserbeam, or Colonel Tick-Tock…the list goes on)- and if they reach their goal, then maybe more!

    If this is the sort of thing you would be interested in, or are interested in, or you just like to support creative people doing awesome things, then visit their Kickstarter page here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tah/thrilling-adventure-hour-the-graphic-novel-and-bey?ref=home_popular .


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